Business profile of ALWA Distributors 

ALWA was founded by Deon and Maritsa Allers(members) in 2018. Deon grew up in a strict business home(cleaning industry) and was mentored by his father, Deon Allers snr. His father, Deon Allers snr, who sadly passed away in 2016, left his son, Deon jnr, truly a unique legacy namely knowledge, experience and passion for business excellence. Deon and Maritsa has distinctive knowledge and experience in the area of cleaning and chemicals.

ALWA Distributors is a chemical manufacturing company that offers a wide range of cleaning chemicals that varies from heavy duty industrial degreasers and hand cleaners to household chemicals, from car wash chemicals to food safe chemicals, we supply it all! Our focus is to meet our customers needs. Our customers varies from: house wife’s, mechanical workshops, farmers, transport companies, car washes, guest houses and lodges, hotels, schools, restaurants, mortuaries, butcheries, builders etc.

ALWA specializes in the area of providing cleaning consumables, janitorial equipment, hygiene products, safetyware, brushware, and, as previously mentioned, cleaning chemicals. This would include SABS HACCP/food-safe chemicals and cleaning equipment.

Our business module is created in such a unique way that we offer people the opportunity to become a re-seller of ALWA cleaning chemicals and other products and thus so helping the South African economy with growth. Learn more by clicking here

ALWA is a VAT registered Closed Corporation and is BEE certified 

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